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Aluminum Extrusions Dies and Tooling...

Who We Are

We manufacture precision dies for the world's most demanding aluminium extrusion industries. In today’s market, there’s no room for error. That’s why, at Reform Precision Manufacturing, we’re continuously working to improve die quality.

It starts with having experience of 35 years, the latest technology and the most talented employees. But, it’s more than that. It’s a deep-seated commitment to build your tools and dies right the first time, every time, on time. It’s making sure everything we do is built with precision.

Extrusion Dies

We offer extrusion dies for

  • Solid shapes (Flat, pocket, feed Plate)
  • Heat sink profiles (high toungue)
  • Hollow profile (Port-hole,)
  • MultiHollow hollow profile (micro bridge, multiple hollow)

Other support tooling

  • Backers,
  • Bolsters & Sub Bolster
  • Die rings,
  • Dummy Block etc


Extrusion Profiles

Reform T&D serves a large number of market segment. Each of them has their own requirements regarding weight, dimensions, tolerances and surface quality.

We also provide aluminium extruded profiles to meet outcome requirement of our customer support with extrusion companies.

  • Architecture profiles
  • Modular Furniture Profiles
  • Electrical Profiles
  • Pneumatic Cylinder Profiles
  • Automotive profiles